Our Story

Gerald was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area where he has resided his entire life. He began to study the piano at the age of 6 under the private lessons of Mary Fraas. During his early years he began to master several instruments including the piano, trumpet, violin, tuba, mellophone, and organ. He attended West Virginia Wesleyan College on a piano scholarship but was pulled back home to continue playing for his church. During this time, Gerald began playing in “piano bars” to help put him through college. Several opportunities followed with the success he was gaining including a recording contract with MTL Records, Dashboard Records, and Flylite Records. During such time, Gerald was afforded the opportunity to work with such band members of Randy Travis, Chicago, Styx, Waylon Jennings, and Kenny Chesney. Although playing throughout the country, along with Mexico and Jamaica, Gerald has made it a devotion to help out his local community orginizations more than anything. You can find him playing in Las Vegas one night and the next night at a local VFW trying to help them raise money. He has devoted his time to helping the Shriner Hospitals as much as he can as this is his favorite charity.
On a personal level, Gerald enjoyed great success in public office for over 10 years serving as Mayor of his hometown. Along with his love for government, when he is not playing, you will find him under one of his antique cars or in the woods hunting wild game. His love for his family and his Masonic Lodge has always come first but the joy he gets from the faces in the crowds will always be a close third.

Gerald McGrew Jr. Video